Would I Make A Good Nursing Home Administrator

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5 Traits of Successful Nursing Home Administrators

    Being a long-term care administrator is one of the most demanding and one of the most rewarding careers an individual can choose. To celebrate Long Term Care Administrator’s Week 2016, ANHA.org researched the administrators we’ve profiled over the years and identified five traits that make …

Nursing home administrator career spotlight CareerBuilder

    Mar 14, 2016 · You'll need the following skills to excel as a nursing home administrator: Personnel management - You'll be responsible for hiring, training, and managing all of the staff members at your facility. Organization - Nursing homes can prove busy and chaotic, so you must have excellent organizational skills.

The 12 traits of great nursing home administrators ... and ...

    Mar 11, 2014 · A great nursing home administrator might seek similar ways to work constructively with the facility’s neighbors. When a nursing home administrator is …

Nursing Home Administrator Job Description - JobHero

    This position requires someone who has prior experience in healthcare, as well as clinical and business skills gained through a related college degree program. Since nursing homes do not close, administrators may work more irregular and longer hours than other types of medical and health services managers.

The Crucial Role Of The Nursing Home Administrator Job ...

    May 05, 2017 · Those who seek a nursing home administrator job will soon find themselves in a truly prestigious role. The nursing home administrator makes a crucial impact not only on the residents of the nursing home but also all those employed within the facility. Subsequently, it is important for the nursing home administrator job candidate to be able to exhibit exemplary leadership …

How to Become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

    52 rows · Salary.com reported a median annual salary of $117,533 for nursing home …

Nursing Home Administrator Job Description LeaderStat

    The outlook for Nursing Home Administrator jobs is very good. The aging of the baby-boom population and the fact that a large number of senior living industry executives and high-level administrators are reaching retirement age, will create an increased demand for Nursing Home Administrators and a decrease in the number of available candidates.

Nursing Home Administrators - SeniorCare.com

    And experienced administrators can expect from $70,000 to $100,000. The average salary for a nursing home administrator in the United States is $89,932. The salary depends upon the locale of the facility and the services offered by the nursing home. Other factors that contribute to the salary:

Role of the Nursing Home Administrator

    The nursing home administrator must have effective communication, leadership, and business skills in order to be successful. Due to the difficulty and high demands of this position, there is a high turnover in nursing home administrators in Indiana and across the country, especially in nursing homes that have a history of giving poor care.

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