Why Do Nursing Homes Treat The Good Nurses Like Shit

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Why are nurses treated like shit? : AskReddit

    Am sorry patients treat you like shit. Some of us enjoy our nurses. During my last hospital visit, I had a middle-age Ukrainian nurse, a 20-something blonde cutie, and a 30-something nurse who managed to bring me a hot dog and soda from the hospital cafeteria. They were all professional, helpful, and fun.

r/nursing - Why are CNA's treated like shit, especially in ...

    My comment about my experiences was NOT to say RN's have it easy. I know they have a lot to do. And a lot of hard, demanding work. I just don't think it's right for the RN's to treat CNA's like shit. I loved working with RN's like you-sadly in LTC they are far and few in between. RN's like you I'd bend over backwards to help, and I still do.

Why do nurses get treated like crap? Is it everywhere ...

    Generally, yes. But its not the treatment from doctors or other nurses that should determine if you follow you dreams of becoming a nurse. I've been in the field for 12 years and have seen good and bad treatment of nurses; which comes from other nurses, doctors, and family members of patients but the gratification that comes from a patient and seeing a patient improves outweighs all of the ...

why are cna's treated like they are stupid and replaceable ...

    The nurses are suppose to help!!! maybe as a cna I am biased and only see one side of it. Other nurses assist at times but she thinks she is too good to do anything else, but now I'm in nursing school and once I get out I hope I don't ever treat my help this way.

Nursing homes: Good intentions, sad realities - American Nurse

    I am not a nurse; I work in dining services at what I consider to be a very nice nursing home. However, I have noticed that many of the other food service workers do not treat the residents like people, often referring to certain patients as “not all there” or using similar phrases to describe them.

Why do nursing homes often have a bad reputation? - Quora

    Five years ago I lived in a nursing home for 30 days. My grandmother was dying and didn’t want to be alone. I was so touched she chose me to be with her until the end. I literally moved in and everyone there was so accommodating; they even fed me!...

Most nursing homes are not adequately staffed, new federal ...

    With nurse assistants earning an average of $13.23 an hour in 2017, nursing homes compete for workers not only with better-paying employers like hospitals, but also with retailers. Understaffing ...

Why I Love Being a Nurse: Responses from 12 RNs Carson ...

    Throughout my nursing career, I’ve had the great opportunity to work in many different fields including long-term care, psychiatric nursing, urgent care, labor relations, and nursing informatics. As you work in different specialties, your knowledge continues to grow and your ability to think outside the box increases.

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