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    Dec 22, 2011 · I was given an Old Singer treadle made in the late 1800's I think, the serial number was on the back, 3151727, I have it all cleaned up, but none of the singer needles I have will go in the little slot, the needle I took out was bent and the top of it seems to be smaller and more round than the standard singer needles, also it is longer (about 1/4") do any of you know where I could purchase ...

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    Sewing & Embroidery Machine Needle Selection Information Organ Brand Needle Guide FLAT SHANK NEEDLES. 15x1: HAx1, 705H This is the standard needle with a flat shank and a regular size eye for most home sewing machines and home sewer based embroidery and quilting machines. It is widely available in a large range of sizes with a sharp or ball ...

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    Oct 24, 2011 · A 66 is one of the standards by which bobbins/feet/needles are classified. (That is, if you go into your local store, "66" will be one of the types of bobbins you can get. Most machines AREN'T 66s of course, but they still take that size of bobbin). Needles are the same way. Singer standardized *very* early. Any needle you pick up will most likely work.

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    take needle X (1X is given as 1x2); those with the tension on the side, or on the face plate, take needle Y (15x1)” v. 2 – April 2010 – Updates: see page 99 v.2b - June 2010 – Headers replaced.File Size: 2MB

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    Selecting an Old Treadle Machine for Use is especially helpful if you’re looking to buy a treadle. Sew-Classic is a good source for new replacement parts, including belts, bobbin winder tires, and various screws and springs. Their search doesn’t always work to find what you want, so try looking through the categories or searching by part ...

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    Feb 02, 2008 · What type and size of sewing machine needle assortment for $ 60 ? 100 Organ Needles,(Organ Regular (sharp) Point Needles - Size 80/12), are $13.00 at Discount Embroidery Supply,same for other sizes or for Organ Ball Point needles. I prefer to use the smallest size needle for the material and thread I'm using.

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    Change to a smaller needle size. 9. When removing and inserting needles, it can be helpful to place a small piece of paper over the presser foot area, so that you don’t accidentally drop the needle down into the machine! 10. When inserting a new needle, be sure that is inserted correctly into the machine, or it may not sew properly.

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    Measures 1 3/4" in length. Fits some models of: Singer treadle, National, Eldredged R40 - R41 and new style B, Grayback, International, Seamstress, Montogemery Ward, New Home old style, Long shuttle A, AB, B, R, TS, 8F, 52F. Fits Singer Rotary, New Davis Rotary. Please note: …

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