What Is A Good Home Made Masterbation Lube

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Natural Lube - How To Make Homemade Lube For Intimacy ...

    Apr 10, 2019 · Your own water-based homemade lube: Whisk 3 teaspoons of corn flour into 1 cup of hot water until the flour completely dissolves. Put this concoction in a pot and bring it to a boil. Once it’s boiling, take it off heat and whisk until all the lumps are completely gone. Complete a test on your wrist to see if you have any reaction.

what is the best lubrication for masturbation? Sexual ...

    Aug 31, 2017 · No, baby oil (mineral oil) while nice and slippery, will plug pores. And, you can't use it with anything rubber, laytex or vinyl because it will rot it. The best lube is water based, and you can find personal lubricant at most drug stores/pharmacies/wal-mart, etc.

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    Mar 01, 2021 · Virgin coconut oil Coconut oil is a popular DIY lube choice for good reason. It’s tasty, it’s great for moisturizing, and your skin will absorb it, so you won’t be left with a mess on your body...Author: Maisha Johnson

The 9 Best Natural Lubes for Sex - Natural Personal Lubricants

    Aug 17, 2020 · Uberlube is one of the most expensive lubes on the market, but it's really high-quality. "While we don’t always recommend silicone-based lubricants, …

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    Jan 05, 2018 · Again, probably best not to mix with a condom. Also don't use any flavoured oils - stick to the raw, natural stuff - otherwise you'll get irritation where you really don't want it. YOGHURT Steer clear of any flavoured stuff, like vanilla or strawberry yoghurt. Sugar and lady bits don't mix. Stick to natural yoghurt. MARGARINE

11 Best Natural Lube Alternatives That Are Safe to Use

    May 30, 2020 · For sex: "My go-to natural lube suggestion is coconut oil, Dweck says. "Smells good, easy to use, can come as solid and liquifies on contact with warm skin. It's also well tolerated on skin." Coconut oil's antibacterial and anti-fungal properties may disrupt the …Author: Samantha Vincenty

Things to Masturbate With (5 for Women, 6 for Men) New ...

    2 days ago · Melons are actually the most popular of homemade masturbation toys for men. Once you have your melon, but a hole in one side that fits the circumference of your penis. (Do not over exaggerate as it will not work properly.) Next, hollow out some of the melon so that your penis fits inside the melon.

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