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Is Windows Defender good enough to use in 2021 (yes and no)
    Feb 18, 2021 · In essence, Windows Defender is good enough for your PC in 2021; however, this was not the case sometime ago. Previously the antivirus program was not sophisticated enough to handle modern threats. It also used to crash a lot during updates, which has, unfortunately, giving it a bad reputation even in 2020.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Protect Your PC by ...
    Nov 30, 2020 · Windows Defender is a great example. It's something most people already have, works well, and doesn't require you to pay anything (beyond the cost of Windows, at least). This is especially...Author: Max Eddy

Is Windows Defender Good Enough in 2021? (You Won't Like ...
    Jan 01, 2021 · Because Windows Defender now includes all of these useful features, users are wondering whether they can rely on Defender alone to protect their computers or need to use a third-party antivirus. Is Microsoft’s Defender Antivirus Good Enough? I ran Defender through the same rigorous tests that I use for all third-party antivirus products.Author: Bjorn Johansson

What’s the Best Antivirus for Windows 10? (Is Windows ...
    Mar 30, 2018 · It was bad enough that we recommended something else, but it’s since bounced back, and now provides very good protection. So in short, yes: Windows Defender is good enough (as long as you couple it with a good anti-malware program, as we mentioned above—more on that in a minute).

Is Microsoft Defender Good Enough in 2021? (Yes, but ONLY ...
    As a free antivirus that’s built into every Windows PC, Microsoft Defender is better now than it has ever been. If you don’t keep personal information on your PC, Microsoft Defender provides good enough protection — but if you store sensitive files on your device, Microsoft Defender …

Windows defender- is it good enough? - Microsoft Community
    Mar 02, 2019 · Windows defender is good enough to protect your pc but its depend on your usage. You may refer below link for more info.

Is Microsoft Defender good enough for your PC – or do you ...
    Microsoft Defender is good enough to defend your PC from malware on a general level, and has been improving a lot in terms of its antivirus engine in recent times. That said, there are still free...Author: Darren Allan

Is Windows Defender Enough in 2021 - Secure Thoughts
    Dec 23, 2020 · Provided you’re using the up-to-date Defender Antivirus 4.18, Windows’ offering is pretty good. But it’s not good enough on its own. To get all the extra security features you might expect in 2020, you’ll need to supplement Windows Defender with another high-performing, free antivirus.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough in 2021? - Make Tech Easier
    Feb 23, 2020 · While we wouldn’t encourage complacency, Windows Defender is now well-proven as a viable antivirus option unto itself. You can always be super-cautious and bolster Windows Defender with a good free antivirus like Avira, but with Windows Defender now ranking among the very best when it comes to security, then there probably isn’t much need.

Windows Defender review Tom's Guide
    May 20, 2020 · Windows Defender isn't the absolute best antivirus software, but it's easily good enough to be your main malware defense. For Already installed on Windows 8.1 and 104/5

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