Is The Ak 47 Good For Home Defense

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Are AK-47s Good For Home Defense? - The Shooter's Log
    Sep 09, 2019 · The AK-47 rifle was designed for affordable manufacture, but also to survive and thrive in difficult environments. In a quality rifle with good sights that are properly aligned with the bore and with good furniture, the AK handles quickly and offers excellent hit probability. There are a number of expanding bullet AK loads…

AK-47’s Good for Home Defense? - Spy Escape and Evasion
    Dec 26, 2019 · The AK-47 is incredibly reliable, which is why it is so popular with many militaries. On the other hand, the looser tolerances of the AK platform also lead it to be less accurate compared to other firearms. (This is not a problem for home defense …

Shooting Illustrated Using an AK-47 for Self-Defense
    Ammunition is readily available for training and personal defense. Despite the increases in ammunition prices across the board, the AK is still one of the most inexpensive centerfire rifles to...

The AK47 for Home Defense
    Nov 24, 2013 · Now a AK is going to have same problems as other rifles as a home defense weapon – overprentration, retainability and problems with stigma if you have to deal with police after a shooting event. Check out the video below on some of the features of the AK47. Let us know in the comments what you think of it as a home defense weapon.

AK47 For Home Defense? The High Road
    Sep 17, 2012 · Using an AK for home defense can be done. Either a shoot is good or it isn't. But consider using light weight bullets to lessen penetration. If that's all you have, use it. But if you've got something else I would suggest considering that instead. AKs are heavy penetrators in structures.

AR vs AK For Home Defense And Other Purposes Gun Belts Blog
    Jun 08, 2020 · The AK-47/AKM platform, on the other hand, has tolerances that are looser than a Congressman's morals. They're known for running despite being caked in dirt, dunked in water, even dragged through the mud if the rifle is built right.

7 Best Survival Rifles To Have When Society Collapses
    ak-47 Honestly, one could argue that the AK-47 is not the best survival rifle to have when the AR-15 is even more popular and widely available. It will undoubtedly be easier to find 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition during a major disaster than 7.62x39mm, and magazines for …

[Top 10] Best AK-47 Rifles in 2021 - American Firearms
    Mar 15, 2021 · The standard AK-47 assault rifle soon morphed through a series of generational updates over the past three-quarters of a century to become the AKM, AK-103/104, AK-109, AEK-973, and others, all in the same caliber. Eventually, the AK was also ported over to the increasingly popular pistol format, and the AK pistol was born. Teaching a comrade to ...4/5(7)

AK-47 for home defense. Good choice? Yahoo Answers
    Dec 12, 2008 · The only problem with using an AK for home defense is the power of the 7.62x39 round. It's going through the bad guy, through your wall, and maybe into …

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