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Is Poplar Wood Good for Timber Framing? Pros & Cons – Home ...
    Poplar wood is often considered for timber framing due to its straight, unblemished trunks. Timber framing is where wood is carved to fit like puzzle pieces and put together like Lincoln Logs. The ideal wood to use is straight and structurally sound as this wood acts as the bones of your building. Poplar wood …

Pros and Cons of Poplar for a log cabin GON Forum
    Jan 29, 2017 · Poplar was the choice for log houses here back in the day, because it's plentiful, straight, strong for its weight, works and splits easily, and is very durable if kept dry. It is no more susceptible to rot and termites than any other wood commonly used in house building.

Poplar logs - Handmade Houses with Noah Bradley
    Poplar logs are often among the widest logs found on old cabins. Poplar is an abundant species of wood, it grows straight and relatively knot-free, and it is a joy to hew and notch. These massive logs tend to “soften” in appearance as they age and are quite tempting to caress with the hand as …

Pro' and con's with building with Poplar wood
    Apr 05, 2010 · Even if you don't have the yellow poplar good overhang on the roof and high off the ground is a good pratice for all logs homes.

Constructing with poplar - WOODWEB
    Yellow poplar is a very good wood for making 2x4's, 2x6's, and boards. I have a Woodmizer sawmill for cutting my own lumber. What I like to do is cut 2x8's and let them air dry for a year if possible. Then I put them back on the sawmill and split them down the middle.

What Species of Wood Make the Best Log Homes? – Weatherall
    Hardwood log homes are popular because they are strong and durable. Walnut, oak, and poplar are going to be your main choices. They are attractive, and are often easy to put together. However, one downfall with hardwoods is they can get very pricey depending on the region you want to build your log home …

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