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The Benefits of More Frequent Home Dialysis NxStage ...
    NxStage patients have enjoyed improved health and better quality of life through more frequent home hemodialysis. The reported benefits of home hemodialysis may not be experienced by all patients. Despite the health benefits that home and more frequent hemodialysis may provide to those with chronic kidney disease, these forms of therapy are not for everyone.

Can Anyone Do Dialysis at Home? - DaVita
    If you are a highly motivated dialysis patient who wants to maintain an active lifestyle and take greater responsibility for your care, then home dialysis might be a good treatment option for you. You and your doctor will discuss the quality of life benefits, as well as any medical risks and decide together if dialysis at home is right for you.

The Challenges of Kidney Dialysis at Home
    Aug 23, 2019 · Home dialysis has potential benefits: It's convenient; recovery times are shorter; therapy can be delivered more often and individualized; and “quality of life tends to be much better,” said nephrologist Frank Liu, director of home hemodialysis at the Rogosin Institute in New York City.

In-Center or Home Dialysis: Which Type is Right for Me?
    With home hemodialysis, the patient and/or a caregiver provide the services that are performed by the dialysis team by connecting the patient to the dialyzer to receive treatment via needles in the access site. For some patients, peritoneal dialysis is the preferred choice as this type of dialysis allows blood to be cleaned inside the body without the use of needles. (iv) Advantages of home dialysis include:

Home dialysis is the future. Here's why. - Healthy Debate
    Jul 26, 2020 · From a medical perspective, home dialysis is just as good as in-centre dialysis. The CADTH review looked at six systematic reviews and 154 studies, and found no difference overall in quality of life between home dialysis and in-centre dialysis. “The evidence suggests they offer similar clinical benefits,” says Gino De Angelis, the clinical research manager who oversaw the report.

Home Dialysis - DaVita Kidney Care
    Home dialysis patients can dialyze from the comfort of home, giving them better control of their treatment schedules, more time for themselves, their families, their jobs and the activities they enjoyed before starting dialysis. If you currently dialyze in a center, home dialysis could potentially be …

Hemodialysis vs Peritoneal Dialysis: Which is Right for ...
    Home hemodialysis is also an option for some patients. What is Peritoneal Dialysis? Peritoneal dialysis is another type of dialysis that removes waste products from the blood when your kidneys are not functioning properly.

Home Dialysis Central
    Medicare 101 for People on Home Dialysis In 1973, Medicare was extended to those with permanent kidney failure who need dialysis or a transplant and who qualify for Social Security. When you have Medicare for kidney failure, it covers care for other health problems, too.

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