Is Home Depot Lumber Any Good

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Does Home Depot have good lumber? : HomeImprovement
    Our home depot has somegood lumber, but you have to dig through all the twisted, warped, notched/knotted up crap to find it. Its okay if you only need a few boards, but if I'm doing anything that will take more than a few, its off to the lumber yard I go! 12

Are lumber yards cheaper than Home Depot?
    May 16, 2020 · Home Depot and Lowe's have for decades been two top home-improvement stores in the US.Lowe's has been in business about 30 years longer than Home Depot.Home Depot has 2,284 stores in North America, while Lowe's has about 2,370.Lowe's stores also typically have a few more square feet of space than Home Depot stores.

Will the Worsening Lumber Shortage Derail Home Depot and ...
    Aug 08, 2020 · Producers also still face a backlog of orders, so the lumber shortage is a real threat to Home Depot and Lowe's future performance. Building on demandAuthor: Rich Duprey

lumber yard vs Home depot or Lowes Family Woodworking
    Apr 17, 2008 · I dont see any difference in the pressure treated I buy from hd, lowes, or any lumber yard. I prefer to buy the less expensive lumber at a center where I can pick and choose every piece. Minimizes my waste.(and I get alot of save 10 dollars with 50 dollar purchases, with further increases my discount) the Home depots of the world serve a purpose.

Types of Lumber - The Home Depot
    Many of the chemicals used in pressure treating lumber contain pesticides. Untreated lumber is great for projects involving animals, children or plants. Some types of lumber, like cypress and redwood, are naturally rot-resistant. Untreated lumber is also lighter, easier to cut and budget-friendly.

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