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Where to Sit For a Baseball Game -
    Apr 02, 2018 · The seats directly behind home plate are typically referred to as “scout seats”. This name comes from the fact that scouts often sit in these seats to get the best view of the players they're watching. It is easy to see why this view is so desirable. The action is right on your lap with sight lines across the entire field.

Is it better at a baseball game to sit behind home plate ...
    Apr 01, 2008 · I have sat directly behind both and I prefer behind home plate because you can see what the hitters have to deal with and the movement of the pitches. You can see how hard it is to hit the baseball. The only problem is the net but it's no big deal. Behind the dugout is also very nice because it's like you are right on top of the field.

First Data Club New York Mets -
    Best Seats in the Ballpark Seating in the first eight rows behind home plate First Data Club's exclusivity is a perfect fit for companies looking to entertain their current or prospective clients in the best seats …

Nationals Park Seating for Nationals Games -
    Great views from behind home plate on the lower level; Order food and beverage right from the seats and stay dialed into the game; Impressive views of home plate and the on-deck circles; Rows N-Z, AA-GG in Sections 113, 114, 115 and 116. Good viewing height near the middle of the lower level; Sight lines naturally pointed towards the middle of ...

Best Seats for Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park
    What can be more impressive than sitting directly behind home plate? For around $200-$250 per game on Ticket Liquidator, you can do that while enjoying the luxury of in-seat service, padded seats, and unlimited food and soft drinks. You'll of course also have access to the exclusive Lexus Club, located near the home plate rotunda entrance.

T-Mobile Park Seating for Mariners Games -
    Excellent birds eye view of the field from behind home plate Lower rows are below the staircase for easy walks down to seats and no distracting fans in your way Best views in the stadium of the videoboard

Best Seating at Citi Field New York Mets tickets
    These seats are on the expensive side, averaging ~$120ish (ranging from $42 down the lines on "value dates" to $231 for the sections behind the plate at Yankees/opening day games)...but you get what you pay for. They are padded seats, and provide access to an indoor bar with impressive views , as well as two other exclusive areas.

Wrigley Field Seating for Cubs Games -
    Great seating height with views from right behind home plate; Views are clear of the foot traffic on the lower walkway; Perfect viewing angle to the scoreboard, and great angles to both videoboards; Rows 4-8 in Sections 316L, 317R, 318R and 319R. Good straight away views from behind home plate on …

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