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Home equity line of credit - Suze Orman Financial Expert
    Credit Cards, ETFs, Home Equity Line Of Credit, Interest Rates, IRA, Retirement, Roth IRA, Stock Market Podcast Episode - Ask Suze (and KT) Anything On this podcast of Ask Suze (and KT) Anything, Suze answers questions from Women & Money listeners Linda, Debbie, Nicholas, Vicheal, Donna, Tova, Stacy and Kim selected and read by KT.

Home loans - Suze Orman Financial Expert
    Resist home-buying pressure, Suze Orman advises. The recent rise in housing prices and the decrease in supply in certain parts of the country have some people willing to spend every nickel they have to get into the market now. But Suze Orman warns hopeful homebuyers not to …

    Suze Orman. DON’T: USE A HOME EQUITY LOAN OR HOME EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT TO PAY FOR COLLEGE. This is for parents: please do not tap your home’s equity to cover college costs. Your home is the collateral for both types of loans.

Refinancing to Pay Off Debt - Suze Orman's Advice
    Q: My husband just discovered that I took out a $125,000 unsecured loan (at 8.29 percent interest) without his knowledge—and needless to say, he's furious. I've suggested that we either refinance our home or take out a home equity loan to pay off this debt. My husband thinks it's a waste to refinance, considering we would have to pay closing costs.

Loans - Suze Orman Financial Expert
    It is becoming easier to get a loan these days and that's not necessarily a good thing. "I'm telling you things have gone bizarre again, at the exact time they shouldn't be going bizarre. So, you need to stay very strict with yourself," warns Suze Orman.

Managing Debt - Suze Orman
    In fact, in this interest-rate environment, a home equity loan may be a better choice than a home equity line of credit. Why? Because instead of paying a variable interest rate, as you do with a home equity line of credit, with a home equity loan you will be locking in …

When is The Right Time to Refinance Your Home? - Suze Orman
    Aug 04, 2016 · For example, if you have already made 13 years of payments, ask for an amortization schedule to have the loan paid off in 17 years. Rule 3: Check Out the Amazing 15-Year Deal. As good as a 3.4% fixed rate for 30 years is, the 2.7% rate on a 15-year loan is well worth checking out.

Suze Orman: This is when to pay off your mortgage - CNBC
    Oct 12, 2018 · On a $250,000 loan, paying 4.3 percent for 30 years amounts to $195,000 in interest, according to Orman, while 15 years at 3.5 percent comes out to only $72,000. That's more than $100,000 in savings.

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