Is A 44 Magnum Good For Home Defense

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Is .44 Magnum Suitable for Home Defense? ⋆ Home Defense Gun
    Aug 19, 2016 · A.44 mag carbine might not be a terrible choice for home defense. The recoil tends to be more manageable in a rifle, but it still kicks a bit. A carbine in an intermediate cartridge is an objectively better choice. A shotgun in 12 ga or 20 ga is also a very practical choice.

Testing 44 Magnum Ammo for Home Defense in Both a Rifle ...
    Apr 20, 2020 · Testing 44 Magnum Ammo for Home Defense in Both a Rifle and Revolver. When it comes to home defense, when paired with the right bullet, 44 Magnum ammo proved devastating during range testing in both rifle and pistol platforms. By.

The Best .44 Magnum Ammo for Self-Defense Active ...
    Jul 31, 2019 · Shooters should know that .44 Magnums aren’t all the same. Some guns can be used for home defense while other, less powerful weapons are better suited for sports and target shooting. Best .44 Mag Self-Defense Ammo Buffalo Bore: Anti-Personnel 180 Grain Lead Hollow Point. This round is touted as one of the best for self-defense.

Best .44 Magnum Ammo For Target Shooting & Self-Defense
    While the .44 Magnum seems to be the perfect bullet for self-defense experts often rebut the choice due to its deep penetration. They claim that the cartridge is too powerful for in-home defense and may cause collateral damage. Superior Ammo. The .44 Magnum ammo …

Examining .44-Special Revolvers for Personal Defense
    The .44 Spl. became a platform for experimentation by handloaders and, as all good gun nerds know, through the lobbying efforts of Elmer Keith, the hot-rod .44 was subsequently introduced in Smith ...

The 5 Best .44 Magnum Rifles - Home - The Truth About Guns
    Look, .44 Magnum rifles are some of the best carbines for practical purposes. They’re better for home defense, because you can load them with hollow points. They pack more punch at close range, meaning they’re better both in a home defense role and for hunting. They make one of the best brush guns you can get for most game.

The Lever Action as a Self Defense Gun - MSN
    Jul 22, 2020 · The best lever-action carbines for defense are chambered for.357 Magnum or.44 Magnum. That’s because those cartridges have the most …

The Mighty .357 Magnum ⋆ Home Defense Gun
    Jan 31, 2015 · This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The Mighty .357 Magnum Patton carried one. The numbers 3, 5, 7 alone are synonymous with power. Few cartridges are as universally recognized and respected as the .357 magnum. People might debate 9mm vs. 45 ACP but no one argues the power, versatility, and ability of the mighty .357 mag. It is widely available everywhere that ammunition is …

Is .357 Magnum Good for Home Defense? CCW? The High Road
    Feb 23, 2012 · It is a fine caliber for HD and CCW. From experience with bullets of .357/.358, I know choose to not trust in a handgun without it being a .44/.45 caliber. A Glock 20 10mm the exception. Look for a .44 Special instead of the .357 Magnum. I think it is a better fit for CCW/HD, and is closer to a .45 ACP than a .357 Magnum.

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