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The 38 Special for Home Defense - Home Defense Gun
    Dec 01, 2013 · Now I am not suggesting that a 38 Special be your only home defense weapon. You still might want a carbine or shotgun and even a bigger bore semi auto for situations that need more firepower. At the same time, It is really uncomfortable to carry a large revolver around with you or have it handy, especially if you are smaller framed.

What Makes The .38 Special A Great Self-Defense Round ...
    Mar 27, 2019 · The .38 Special can be safely fired in guns chambered in .357 Magnum as a result, which gives shooters a wide power spectrum to take advantage of. Today’s self-defense .38 Special is most commonly used in short-barreled ‘snub nose’ revolvers such as the Ruger LCR and Smith & Wesson J-Frame. These revolvers are purpose-made for concealed carry and have features that make them …Author: Steinelammo

What's the Best 38 Special Ammo for Self-Defense?
    By using a hard-cast bullet of 158-grains, this load will likely penetrate deeper than any other.38 Special load. It is also likely the best bear defense load you can find for the cartridge. Even...

A Great Home Defender: The .38 Special - The K-Var Armory
    Aug 16, 2019 · If you choose a .38 snub for home defense it is also a viable concealed carry firearm. This is the Galco Combat Master holster. By loading the 130-grain HST bullet completely in the cartridge case a smaller charge of powder may be used as the pressure is higher than it would be with a bullet loaded normally. The result is high ballistic efficiency.

Concealed Carry: Is The .380 ACP Enough For Self-Defense ...
    Aug 15, 2017 · .380 Ammo For Defense When compared to a cartridge such as the 10mm with its SAAMI overall length of 1.250 inches, bullet diameter of.400 inch and maximum pressure of 33,000 psi, it appears even smaller. However, the.380 vs 9mm, with its matching bullet diameter of.355 inch, the issue becomes more complex.

Best 38 Special Revolvers – 2020 Complete Round-up - Gun Mann
    Aug 17, 2020 · Is a .38 Special Good for Home Defense? The short answer is, yes. To give you something more detailed, the .38 Special is great regardless of whether the pistol is designed for concealed carry or not. But nonetheless, it does have excellent stopping power in such situations. How Effective is a .38 Special?

Four Reasons to NEVER Carry Just a .38 Snubnose
    Apr 27, 2020 · That said, I would take a.38 snub over any rimfire weapon for self or home defense any day of the week. Think of the.38 snub as a small tack hammer. If you need to …

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