Is A 22 Good Enough For Home Defense

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NRA Family Can You Use a .22LR For Self-Defense?
    Carrying a .22 LR for recreational or sporting use is great, but you could be painting yourself into a corner if the situation turns to self-defense. It’s important that you make sure you’ve strongly considered the worst-case scenario and have planned accordingly.

2020 Trend Watch: Is Using a .22 for Self-Defense the Next ...
    The most significant disadvantage of.22LR for self-defense is the rimfire system. Rimfire rounds tend to be less reliable than centerfire rounds. A round failing to ignite can be a significant issue. The second issue that most.22 LR fails to expand when they strike a soft target and can have penetration issues.

American Rifleman The .22 Magnum: Good for Self-Defense?
    Jun 17, 2020 · The best .22 Magnum loadings will damage less than 1 cubic inch of tissue. When fired from a gun with a 1" barrel, both the Hornady Critical Defense (bottom) and Speer Gold Dot .22 …

Best 22 Pistols For Self Defense – 2020 Ultimate Review ...
    Aug 19, 2020 · The.22 caliber is perhaps one of the most trusted and reliable rounds for those who conceal carry for the purpose of self-defense. Some users are even able to keep these pistols at home and carry another pistol instead. Regardless, they have their bases covered when it comes to preparing themselves for dangerous situations.

Is the .22 LR Suitable for Defense? - The Shooter's Log
    May 31, 2018 · Well sure, it’s not as effective as a .45, and it’s much more effective out of a rifle. A semi auto .22 rifle with a good handful of cartridges onboard is a very good self defense or home defense firearm. And .22 handguns will deter an attacker, or kill one, in the vast majority of circumstances.

Is .22 LR Too Unreliable for Self-Defense? - Lucky Gunner ...
    Nov 16, 2018 · These days, there are some very reliable .22 semi-auto pistols and rifles out there, but on average, feeding problems are a lot more likely with a .22 than with any centerfire auto-loader. Failures to feed are… not ideal. If you like the idea of a .22 for self-defense, the easiest way to side-step both of these issues is to just use a revolver.

Using the .22 for Self Defense Buckeye Firearms Association
    Aug 23, 2013 · Certainly, but I think a brain or CNS shot is less likely with the .22 than with a larger caliber. Arguably, the .22 is more accurate and controllable than a centerfire pistol. That would make brain and CNS hits more likely (if one was aiming there). The problem is the historic lack of penetration in the .22 …

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