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Concealed Carry: Is The .380 ACP Enough For Self-Defense ...
    Aug 15, 2017 · While any gun is better than no gun at all, it is the author's contention pistols chambered in .380 ACP are best served as backup guns and not primary self-defense handguns. Nearly three-quarters of a century ago, on January 30, 1948, Hindu nationalism advocate Nathuram Godse carried out an assassination.Author: Kat Ainsworth

380 for Self Defense The Concealed Carry Guy
    It has been long held as a truth that the 380 ACP is just too small and underpowered to be useful as a self-defense round. But is it? 380 for self Defense? The diminutive 380 ACP certainly has it’s detractors. But coupled with modern defensive bullet-design and new light handguns the …

Why You Should Choose a .380 ACP Semiauto for Self-Defense
    Apr 04, 2018 · Opinions on the best .380 ammunition for defensive use are divided. Many prefer full-metal-jacket bullets, and they are not all wrong because even when fired from the short barrel of a pocket-size .380, a non-expanding bullet usually meets the FBI's heavy clothing penetration tests.Author: Layne Simpson

Is 380 a Self Defense Caliber? Hear Both Sides!
    Jan 13, 2014 · First, handguns are pretty crappy at stopping bad guys when compared to rifles and shotguns. Comparing the raw effectiveness of.380 ACP,.45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO is like comparing a cheeseburger from a high school cafeteria, a Big Mac, and a perfectly cooked medium rare Angus Filet.

Best Self-Defense Weapon: When Does a .380 Beat a 9mm?
    Jan 07, 2017 · For self defense and raw stopping power the 380 is an excellent round, not to mention it will cause little collateral damage by going all the way through your target. The Europeans have carried 380 or 9 Makarov for decade upon decade very effectively.

.380 ACP: Is It A Reliable And Effective Defensive Round?
    Nov 30, 2017 · Let’s look at what the facts say about the .380 ACP and its capabilities as a defensive option. .380 ACP bullets averaged 9 to 18 inches of penetration at distances less than 30 feet. This is according to data the author gathered. Some deep penetrations were due to bullets not expanding upon reaching their target. The author advises care in choosing the proper .380 defensive round.

Best .380 Ammo [2021]: Self-Defense & Target Practice ...
    Yep. "Precision One" is my top choice for 380 defense. Clean, dependable, very effective... BUT... hard to find, expensive. Federal Hydra-Shok comes in at #2, and is my most used round. #3 - Any Hornady XTP, #4 - Fiocchi Extremist, #5 - Hornady Customs.

Why Carry a .380? Why Not? - Browning
    Oct 31, 2014 · It also brings up the question - is the 380 ACP adequate for self-defense? With modern defensive ammo the answer, quite clearly, is yes. According to the FBI, the ideal range of bullet penetration in ballistic gel is 12 to 18 inches.

The .380 Ammo Debate: Full Metal Jacket or Jacketed Hollow ...
    Other than penetration, FMJ has a couple of other advantages in .380. For starters, it is cheaper. Cheap enough that I can basically shoot my carry ammo all the time. Recoil stays the same, point of aim/point of impact stays the same, and reliability can be confirmed over and over again.

Best 380 Pistols and Hangus for 2021 - Reviewster
    10 rows · A: .380 pistols are perfect for self defense. They are designed to wound, not kill, which is ...

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