Is 3550 And 3560 Good For A Home Lab

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3550 vs 3560 for home lab?
    I've been looking into acquiring switches to complete my home lab. I emulate the routers in dynamips and have quad-port nics available to hook up the swtiches to these. I've been

R&S CCIE Home Lab: Cisco 3550 vs 3560 – Route Switch Lab Tips
    Apr 04, 2011 · Of course it's always best to use what's in the lab- however, after a few hours of digging around in the forums, on Cisco, and in the blogs, the short version of the most commonly mentioned differences between the 3550 and 3560 that are relevant to the CCIE lab are: IPV6 Support missing in the 3550; Private Vlans missing in the 3550

3560 or 3750 for my CCNP home lab? — TechExams Community
    Just checked and it appears the 3560-24/48TS has 32 MB of Flash. Strangely, the 3560-24/48PS (PoE Models) only have 16 MB. Most of the 3750s and about 1/3 of the 3750Gs are only 16 MB. The 3750-24FS has 32 MB, so it should be able to take IOS 15. I have one of these at home. 16 MB Flash (IOS 15 Won't Fit) --3560-24PS 3560-48PS 3750G ...

Recommended Home Lab Tools for Cisco CCNA, CCNP [Free ...
    Cisco 3550 CCNA Lab Switch. Now we will talk about another Layer 3 switch that is starting to pop up in many CCNA labs Cisco 3560 Switch. 3560 has been in CCNP labs and Cisco CCIE labs for a few years now since they are coming at very low prices. Routers. The model we still ask for is 3640.

What is the best Cisco CCNA 200-301 Lab Switch ...
    Cisco 3550 CCNA Lab Switch. Now we will talk about another Layer 3 switch that is easily one of our favorites Cisco 3560 switch. The 3560 has been in the CCNP labs and Cisco CCIE labs for quite some time now. They have significantly come down in price and only run about $20 more than a 2960.

IOS Version 15 for a Cisco Home Lab – or Not Wendell's ...
    Aug 28, 2013 · I have purchased some Cisco used kit for my home lab (2811’s, 1841’s, 3560’s and 3550’s). The software versions on these are below the recommended by the INE spec. Where can I download IOS images as follows: 12.4(10)A c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-10a.bin ** EQUIV version required for 2811 ** 12.4(24)T1 c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T1.bin

Buying a 3550/3524 — TechExams Community
    You will want at least a 3550, but a 3560 would be best to get you all the functionality you need. EMI is what you want. Its the enhanced image that allows the full functionality of routing and probably some other features too that I don't know off the top of my head.

Buying CCNA lab switches without going broke Pluralsight
    Catalyst 3560 The Catalyst 3660 line is another popular version of Cisco switch that is very commonly seen in home and enterprise labs. It is a very versatile lab with support for a number of different features including most of the features that will be needed to study for every certification up to the CCIE (assuming the IP Services (EMI ...

Recommended Lab equipment for Cisco CCNA
    1x Cisco Catalyst 3550 switch (or Cisco Catalyst 3560 or 3750) 3x Cisco 1841 router; This is a cost effective lab that allows you to practice everything. Conclusion. I hope this lesson has helped to understand the different options that we have to build a CCNA routing & switching lab.

How to Build a Cisco CCNA lab –
    CCNA Lab Routers. Cisco 800 Series Routers These are not good lab routers as they do not have traditional serial ports to connect them to other routers in a lab environment. Cisco 1720/50 Series Routers These are now throw away routers due to changes in the CCNA and price drops on other models that give a lot more functionality for the buck.

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