Is 300 Blackout Good For Home Defense

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Shooting Illustrated Using .300 Blackout for Home Defense
    However, I started to consider.300 Blackout as another option for home defense. I initially went with a pump-action shotgun for its ease of use and devastating firepower. With 8+1 rounds of...

Using 300 Blackout For Home Defense - AmmoMan School of ...
    There are a lot of advantages at first glance for using 300 Blackout for home defense. 300 Blackout was designed from the ground up to use a suppressor and subsonic ammunition. Guns are loud (really loud) and using a firearm without a suppressor indoors can cause permanent hearing damage to yourself and your loved ones.

6 Reasons That a .300 Blackout AR Is ... - Home Defense Gun
    Dec 03, 2015 · A.300 AAC rifle with a barrel as short as 8” can be an extremely effective home defense weapon, with the right ammunition. Now, to be fair, there are some things that.300 AAC does not do particularly well, but those weaknesses are not relevant to home defense.

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