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    The average major league time is 6.9 for the 60 yard dash, from home to first 4.3 seconds for right handed hitters and 4.2 seconds for left handed hitters. The clock start on times from home to first on the crack of the bat to when the foot hits first base. A fast runner at the major league level can run home to first in 4.0 seconds or below.

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    Times of 6.7 - 6.9 usually equate to an average runner on the playing field. Of course anything faster is considered above average. Timing a Hitter From Home to First Base. The universal way to scout speed on the playing field is to time hitters from home to first base.

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    Feb 02, 2009 · The average MLB outfielder can (from contact) get the ball to home plate in 7 seconds, therefore, if you cannot sore in that time you will usually be out at the plate. Here is the 8 point system some organizations use: 80 - Exceptional 70 - W. Above Avg. 60 - Above Avg. 50 - Average 40 - Bellow Avg. 30 - W. Bellow Avg. 20 - Poor 60 Yard time:

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    purpose: The aim of this test is to determine the time to run to first base.It is also a a reliable indicator of speed and agility around the field. equipment required: marked baseball field, stopwatch. pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject.Perform screening of health risks and obtain informed consent.

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    Mar 18, 2009 · This is a really serious answer to your second question. If you want to increase your time(s), run SLOWER. The longer that it takes you to get from home to first will result in the stopwatch being on longer as well and the resulting time that they tell you it took will be increased.

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    Nov 23, 2016 · Home to 1st (non-bunt) -- right-handed batter 2016 Record: Byron Buxton, 3.72 seconds against the Indians on July 15 2016 MLB average time: 4.62 seconds The outcome of this particular play ensured that it was unlikely to be remembered, but with the season fully in the rearview mirror, it is absolutely worth looking looking at again.

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    Sep 17, 2013 · Jim knows the average time from home plate to 1st base is 4.3 seconds for righties and 4.2 seconds for lefties. (Don’t forget to check out our base running tips from the pros ) If you can make it from home to first in 3.93 to 4 seconds, you will be scored a 7 out of 8 – a very good score.

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    Jun 01, 2015 · Here is how we rated players home-to-first speeds during our 14U and 16U TB tryouts. Readings were taken from a standing start and players who started from the left handed batters box had an obvious advantage. We took a simulated swing out of the drill because it caused a HUGE variation based on how aggressively the girl swung. Home-to-First

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    What is important is the ability to score from second base to home plate with two outs! [Tweet “Baseball 60 Yard Dash – What’s a Good Time?”] Most Major League Baseball (MLB) clubs look for times under 7.00 seconds. A 60 yard dash time between 6.7 – 6.9 usually equate to …

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