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Good home base near sol? : EliteDangerous - reddit
    Magnus gateway in EZ Aquarii is a high tech station, a scant jump or two depending on your range away from sol. Anything you cant find there can be found a further jump or two away in neighboring systems. I had my base there for a while before moving to a new station for a wing that i joined. 1 level 2

Looking for some advice on a good "Home Base" :: Elite ...
    May 06, 2019 · After leaving the noob zone I bounced around the different systems around it before making my way to Deciat to unlock the Farseer engineer. While in Deciat I managed to do enough work for the Federation to get to "Midshipman" rank without really trying. I thought it would be a good idea to maybe start trying to rank up the Empire so I can also gain access to their ships.

Good home systems? :: Elite Dangerous General Discussions
    Sep 07, 2015 · Metzili is a pretty nice home system. It's Empire owned, but has 5 stations, 1 of which is owned by a Federal aligned faction. It also has a station with a black market, and there's a nearby (<8ly) system with some nice RES and missions that regularly go there from Metzili.

Any "GOOD" Stations in Sol System? Frontier Forums
    May 23, 2015 · Jan 11, 2015. #5. YZ Canis Minoris has a good high tech station, Magnus, very close to Sol. If you want systems to gear up in, open your galaxy map, set your trade filters to 'high tech' and those are the systems you wanna go to.

Sol - nearest interesting star systems - Elite Dangerous ...
    near Slough: Unauthorised installation. See this gallery for images and more information. Base Jumping: 9C (Oluwefami Depot) at 22.9395, -4.2683: Exit from Oluwefami Depot A great base jumping location with 0.11g gravity and a landing which is good (planetary base) For more info see this video Source(s):Alec Turner: 61.9 LFT 926 - M - Installation

The Federation of Sol Twilight Imperium Wiki Fandom
    1 Faction Abilities 2 Faction Promissory Note 3 Faction Specific Units 4 Flagship 5 Mech 6 Leaders 7 Gallery ORBITAL DROP: ACTION: Spend 1 token from your strategy pool to place 2 infantry from your reinforcements on 1 planet you control. VERSATILE: When you gain command tokens during the status phase, gain 1 additional command token. Military SupportAt the start of the Sol player's turn ...

Easy and Fast Federation Rank in Elite Dangerous — CMDRs ...
    Federation Ranks. Author: Down To Earth Astronomy Quick-Guide. Get a small or medium ship with minimum 13.7 Ly jump range. Go to Perry's Folly in Ochosi. Pick up data delivery missions from Federation factions only to Chargaff Installation or Williams Dock in Chakpa. Fly to Chargaff Installation drop off mission.Pick up any data delivery missions back to Perry's Folly in Ochosi

Sol - Nearest Special Star Systems - Elite Dangerous Utilities
    Nearest Special star systems to Sol up to a maximum distance of 30000.0 Ly. Note this only works around the bubble area (upto about 1000 Ly from Sol) To change the search carefully type in the new system name (and optionally the maximum search distance)

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    Planet Earth (Sol), birthplace of humankind, is the historic former capital of the Federation and regarded as the centre of human-inhabited space. The Federation loosely lies between the Alliance and the Empire on the Galaxy Map. The Federation's current capital is Olympus Village on Mars.

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