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Reddit, what is your best excuse for missing a day of work ...
    Jan 25, 2008 · Also, if you invest a few minutes of research, you can pretty much spin any medical procedure into an excuse for missing work. Colonoscopy and endoscopy are two of my favorites. Also, doing a "sleep study" can buy you a day or two.

What's your go-to excuse that is both believable ... - reddit
    The place I work doesn't want us to be out for longer than we need to be, or to get anyone else sick, so if we feel like shit, we go home. ... I use my period as an excuse for everything; it’s like the unspoken wild card with draw 4 of being a female in life.. ... It's good for being late, missing an evening out, or even missing a day of work ...

Anyone starting to hate working from home? - reddit
    Mar 19, 2011 · Have a good resume with good project descriptions and links to your code/live demos. Utilize a mix of cold/shotgun applying and a more targeted approach. If you do research and find a company that you think is actually cool, chances are you will put more work into the application, and you just might be rewarded for it.

Work From Home - reddit
    Apr 15, 2009 · Hoping to get a better understanding of the different ways people work at home. Full disclosure, we're building a new type of video conferencing tool that we hope will provide a ton of value but, in order to do so, we want to make sure we're adding to and improving the way folks work.

Legitimate work from home jobs : personalfinance - reddit
    Feb 09, 2009 · I’m currently looking for work from home that pays at least $150-200 a week. If anyone could share their work at home experiences or anywhere that’s hiring. That would be great. I’m not to particularly fond of call center jobs. was terrible. Thank you in advance.

26 Best Excuses to Get Out of Work (Or Miss Work) -
    Jury duty and informing your employer that you'll need to attend by law. A sick child and informing your employer that they will be home from school or daycare. Flat tire and informing your employer you'd like to work from home or miss today's work. Or general car trouble.

Good and Bad Excuses for Missing Work
    Oct 30, 2020 · As with other excuses for work, tell your employer as soon as you discover the problem. If you need to let in a repair person, let your employer know whether you’re able to complete some work from home or will return to work later in your shift. 4. Death of a loved one.

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