Good Excuse To Leave Home For A Week

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Good excuses to leave the house? Yahoo Answers
    Dec 11, 2013 · So I used to leave the house late at night and come back at like 3 in the morning and wake up my whole family. And they finally had enough and said if I keep screwing up that they're either gonna kick me out or send me outta state. I'm 17 and I just wanna hang out with a girlfriend next week but I don't plan on being out too late. Probably be back around 7.

Best excuses to leave the house: Tips & Examples
    Oct 21, 2018 · Excuses to leave the house: Tips & Examples Studying at a friend’s house. If you are a student in school or college, you can use this excuse to leave the house to... Need to go to the library. If you want to go shopping or clubbing with college mates, you can use this as an excuse …

14 Good Excuses to Leave Work Early – Saytopedia
    When you’re at work, you’re part of a team. Everyone has a primary function, and everyone is cross-trained so they can step up to help others who may need some extra coaching. When you go home early, (or don’t bother to show up), you’re dumping your work on someone else.

What is a good excuse to ask for a 15-day leave from your ...
    For example: “Due to a family emergency” (if that is indeed the case—you don’t have to say “My wife has cancer” or “My brother was in a car accident”). “For personal reasons” or “for health reasons” (if, say, you need the break for your mental health sake.)

25 Fantastic Excuses to Get Out of an Event Never the ...
    Excuse 1 Your Father Is In Town on Business Hey [Name] I’m really sorry to leave you hanging, but my dad just got into to town and I’ve got to be on good daughter/son duty. I hope the party goes well; perhaps we could catch up on another day/ perhaps I could buy you a drink to make it up to you?

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