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How to Create a Homepage Design for Focus and Clarity
    Creating a good blog homepage that makes readers stick around is all about making the right choices in what content you choose to display, and I’ve got some advice to help you do just that. The purpose of a blog homepage. Your homepage is the hub of your blog, the main landing page…

What Should You Do With Your Blog Homepage? - Blog ...
    Jan 24, 2019 · Ahhh, good question, grasshopper! But, your regular readers aren’t probably going to visit your blog’s homepage manually in order to see your latest stuff. First, you can send them to a specialized “blog” page – similar to what I do here on the Academy.

Top Ten Best Homepages - TheTopTens
    5 Bing. Securest than Google, it does not collect information from your activities. less fake information than Google. very soon bing is going to be worlds best home page due to nokia. in 2011 gmail was number one, yahoo mail was number two, and hotmail/outlook was number three position.

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