Good Barrel Length For Home Defense Shotgun

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Does Barrel Length Matter for a Home-Defense Shotgun?
    The Mossberg 590 AOW features a barrel length of 10.25 inches, which is about as short as it gets for a 12-gauge shotgun. Next up was the non-NFA Mossberg Shockwave, which features a 14-inch...

Shotgun Barrel Lengths, Explained - The Shooter's Log
    Aug 11, 2020 · On the standard version, the overall length is 26.1″. On a shotgun with an 18.5” barrel, that holds 14+1 – 2 ¾” shells. Hopefully, those dimensions point out how handy the gun is. Getting through a doorway with the firearm at the ready is quite simple. It’s one of the reasons it sits ready for home-defense duty at my house.

How To Choose The Best Shotgun Barrel Length
    Jun 14, 2019 · Someone who has very long arms and shoots a shotgun with a long length of pull (say, 14 ¾-inches or more) may find that a gun with 32-inch pipes provides proper between-the-hands balance. Shooters with a standard length of pull will likely find that a 30-inch gun is optimal, while reduced-length stocks may balance best with a 28-inch barrel.

Barrel Length for Home Defense Shotgun The Firearms Forum
    Dec 03, 2008 · The Win. Speed Pump, the Rem. 870, and Moss. 500, models which are set up for defense or combat all have 18" (Win. and Rem.) or 18.5" (Moss.) bbls. Any shorter than that and you'll be losing some mag capacity, but longer would be hard to manoeuvre in the home.

Best Tactical Shotgun for Home Defense [2021 Reviews]
    Barrel Length - 18.5" (20" also available) Overall Length - 39.5" Weight - 7 lbs Capacity - 6+1 (or 8+1 for 20" barrel models) Fixed Synthetic Stock The Only Pump-Action Shotgun to Pass Milspec 3443E4.9/5

NRA Family How to Use a Field Shotgun For Home Defense
    Beneficial from a ballistics standpoint, an extended (longer) choke may improve patterns, but at the average distance of a home defense instance, patterns will be sufficient with flush mount choke tubes. If you have a standard length barrel of 26 or 28 inches on your shotgun, an extended tube can add up to 2 inches to the length.

Eight Affordable Shotguns for Home Defense ::
    May 20, 2020 · The P-12 is their most affordable pump-action shotgun. Assembled at FNs Viana plant in Portugal, this compact 12-gauge shotgun perfect for home defense. It has an …

The best multipurpose shotgun for shooters on a budget is ...
    Many hunters will tell you that you need a long barreled shotgun to go hunting. While it is true that the longer barrel does help in some cases (like when hunting waterfowl), using a short-barreled...

Home Defense Shotgun – Good Idea or Not?
    Jun 22, 2020 · Overall length is also an issue. Even a regular 18-inch barrel "riot" gun is still most of three feet long. This can be a problem inside a house, especially if you are trying to juggle a cell phone while calling the police. Shorter is typically better.

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