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    44 rows · In addition to the above, Zanil Theran, the Luxury Furnisher, can be found on weekends just past Cicero's Food & General Goods across from the bank in the Hollow City in Coldharbour. Battlegrounds Furnishers []. Battlegrounds Furnishers are achievement furnishers located in each Gladiator's Quarters.In each location, there are two vendors: one selling housing items, and one …

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    Home Goods Furnisher. Home Goods Furnishers are furniture sold by vendors found throughout Tamriel in each alliance's main city and all capitals, and offer a number of basic home commodities as well as local plants and natural stone from the region they are located in.

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    45 rows · Homes Good Furnishers are co-located with Achievement Furnishers. They are marked by a …

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    Vulkhel Guard is a port located on southernmost point of Auridon, Summerset Isles. It is one of the three largest cities on Auridon, rivaling the sizes of Skywatch and Firsthold. It is currently controlled by the Aldmeri Dominion. The leader of Vulkhel Guard is Canonreeve Nesaranwe who resides in the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury.

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    A suggestion: since you mention the use of planters indoors, add a list of those furnishings (and the vendors if applicable) to the page. For even more points, state which items fit into which pots/troughs/etc.

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    Crafted Crowns Legerdemain Set Type Vendors Interactable Table Categories Conservatory Aquatic (50) Boulders and Large Rocks (76) Crystals (12) Dead Wood (14) Ferns (28) Flowers (50) Giant Trees (4…

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