Eq2 Sharing A Home Between Good And Evil Characters

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    Shared banks are now shared between good and evil characters on the same account. If you have all four slots filled in both good and evil shared banks currently, they will be combined into a new eight slot shared bank. Both coin and items can be shared with characters on …

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    Dec 20, 2007 · The second is a bit more involved and might run you a bit of cash up front. Make an "alt guild" and use a couple characters, one good and one evil, to transfer stuff via the guild bank. You need 5 other characters to group with you (as the leader) to form the guild and the fastest way to do it is to basically pay them a few gold upfront.

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    EverQuest II. Evil in EverQuest II is not just an alignment choice, it actually affects your in-game options. Evil characters will be attacked on sight by guards of good-aligned cities, merchants in good cities will not sell to you, etc. Evil-Aligned Cities. Freeport; Neriak; Gorowyn; Evil Races. The following races are evil.

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    Of the 24 classes, 4 classes are distinctly good or evil. On PvE servers, betraying will force you to change subclass to match your destination city's alignment. See the chart below for subclass alignment changes. However, on PvP servers, you are not forced to change subclass when you betray to city of a different alignment. So on PvP servers, an evil class character can be based in a Good-alignment …

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    Having a good and an evil character would be a more convenient way of experiencing ever drip of content that Everquest 2 has. But the divide between the factions doesn't seem to be very important in the big picture, at least from what I understand.

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    Kelethin & Qeynos are good. Freeport, Gorowyn and Neriak are Evil. When Halas is added, I believe it will be 3rd good city. Both good and evil characters can do all the zones and content in EQ2...

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    Click on a banker NPC to open the bank window. Press C to open the Character window. Place your mouse over the coin type you want to split for deposit in the character window and use a downward drag movement to open a smaller, "coin-split" window that has a slider bar. Hold down the shift key.

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