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Housing & Furnishings in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online), part ...

    She is found within each alliance capital city (Elden Root in Grahtwood, Wayrest in Stormhaven, or Mournhold in Deshaan) but carries the same goods regardless of the location. These achievements generally come from the main storyline or from activities outside of questing such as fishing, etc.

Blacksmithing Station Elder Scrolls Online Wiki

    Blacksmithing Station is a legendary (yellow) quality Home Goods Furnisher in The Elder Scrolls Online. Blacksmithing Station Information "When placed in your home, allows you to craft Alchemy items." Where to find & Location. Crowns Store, 3,000 Crowns. Sold by Rolis Hlaalu in Wayrest, Elden Root and Mournhold for 35 Writ Vouchers. Materials. N/A

Online:Furnishers - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

    Home Goods Furnishers sell local flora, stone, and generic furnishings, with some items only available in specific zones - such as swamp flora in Deshaan. For lists of their wares and where to buy them, see Common Wares (which are sold in most locations) and Exclusive Wares (which are only sold in a few places, or often only one).

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    Home Goods Vendor. Home Goods Furnisher vendors carry basic home furnishings and can be found in each alliance’s main city and all capitals. ... Mournhold or Elden Root (but only if you have a Master Writ completed and ready to turn in, or have done so before). More on Master Writs here.

ESO HOUSING - Tips & Tricks - How to get started! Elder ...

    There is a lot of ways to obtain home furnishings for Elder Scrolls Online. Home Goods Furnisher vendors that can be found in Tamriel, in each alliance main city and all capitals. They offer fairly basic home furnishings. Achievement Furnisher vendors give you items that are bind on pickup, therefore you cannot trade them.

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    Root that can only be found in planet eldeon. Use as Material (1) Dropped By (9) Name Required Quantity; Material Binder (Ra) 10

Elden Tree Elder Scrolls Fandom

    The upper level of the Elden Tree contains the most shops and workstations within Elden Root. Most of the shops, such as the Great Trunk Artisans Court — which also contains all of the area's workstations (apart from the Dye station) — surround the blue tree around the center of the floor and are found along the western sides of the area (surrounding the west entrance from the ground level).

Good places for pickpocket/legerdemain leveling — Elder ...

    my favourite so far is Outside Inn in Grahtwood(Elden Root) - high dencity of NPC - 2 bards(4 points per pickpocket), 1 noble Dirdalas(roaming, expensive plan in loot) - 1 blacksmith (2 points) and alot commoners - only 1 roaming guard - Fence very close

Homestead: Basics Guide - Home - The Elder Scrolls Online

    Small homes range in price from 40,000 to 73,000 gold, medium homes go for between 190,000 to 335,000 gold, and large homes will run you from 760,000 to 1,295,000 gold (unfurnished.) To obtain a small, medium, or large home, you must first complete the …

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