Easy Ways At Home To Make Your Shoes Smell Good

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Easy Tips on How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

    Here are some tips to prevent your shoes from developing unpleasant smell. Alternate footwear – If possible, invest with another shoes so you can allow your first pair to breathe after use. This prevents the shoes from developing smell. Wash your feet …

11 Ways to Freshen Smelly Shoes - wikiHow

    Apr 04, 2011 · Dab a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto a few cotton pads or cotton balls. Wipe down the inside of your shoes to remove the odor-causing bacteria and disinfect your shoes. This is a great way to clean the outside of …Author: Marc Sigal

47 Genius Ways To Make Your Entire Home Smell Insanely Good

    Aug 21, 2020 · If you have to leave your shoes in the hallway, find an old pair of socks, fill them with baking soda, tie a knot at the top and stuff the socks in the shoes. Baking soda eliminates odours. – Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets once a week and leave …

Smart Ways To Make Your Home Smell Wonderful – Springtime ...

    Aug 12, 2019 · To the bottom of the bin, you may place a sponge, a folded rag or piece of cloth to both absorb liquids and to keep odor under control. For the odor control, add some baking soda to the rag or sponge. You may also place a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the rag or sponge to spruce up the good aroma of the area.4.7/5(10)

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