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Will you survive a big earthquake?
    The homes most likely to withstand an earthquake are wood framed and built after 1993. That's when Oregon adopted specific seismic standards for home construction. If your home is older than that,...

Earthquake Precautions & Preparation - 7 Steps to ...
    An earthquake’s powerful shaking can rupture the earth, trigger landslides, and turn the surface of the earth to liquid. Your home also may be vulnerable to serious structural damage if it was built before 1980. Earthquake safety preparation requires your understanding of the potential structural threats to your home in case of an earthquake.

    Mar 17, 2021 · Protect Your Home: Secure heavy items in your home like bookcases, refrigerators, televisions and objects that hang on walls. Store heavy and breakable objects on low shelves. Consider making improvements to your building to fix structural issues that could cause your building to collapse during an earthquake.

Is Earthquake Insurance Worth It? - This Old House
    Earthquakes can cause serious damage, putting your home in jeopardy and putting you at risk of expensive rebuild costs. Unfortunately, earthquake insurance isn’t covered by your standard homeowners insurance policy. Earthquake insurance isn’t required by states or most mortgage lenders, but if you live in an area where there’s lots of seismic activity, whether due to proximity to a …

Top 10 Earthquake Survival Kit Must-Haves – CBS Sacramento
    Aug 07, 2014 · Water– A one-week supply of water for all household members, including pets, is an earthquake survival kit essential. The standard rule of thumb is one gallon of water per day for each individual. This will provide ample water for drinking, cleaning and rudimentary hygiene if you are stranded or without services after the earthquake takes place.

5 Best Earthquake Kits - Apr. 2021 - BestReviews
    The garage is often a good place to keep an earthquake kit because garages are usually built on a concrete floors, which provides more stability during an earthquake. That means your garage is more likely to be accessible after a disaster. Items in your earthquake kit have a shelf life, so keep track of when they expire, and replace them as needed.

5 Safest Places to Hide During an Earthquake - AVA ...
    Dec 18, 2018 · A closet should be near your bed to avoid any injuries while running around a house during the earthquake. The wardrobe also needs to be free of debris. When the cabinet topples over during an earthquake, assume the required position to protect yourself. A Room with No Windows Stay away from glass windows during an earthquake.

Homeowners Insurance and Earthquakes: What You Need to ...
    2 days ago · Earthquake insurance policies cover damage occurring to your home as a direct result of the seismic event. Earthquake coverage often extends to aftershocks occurring within a certain amount of time after the primary earthquake. This extended time period is determined by your insurer but usually falls somewhere between 24 and 36 hours.

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