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    If you are assigned to a permanent duty station in a remote location listed in the JTR, Appendix F, Part I you can ship up to 1,250 pounds of suitable consumable goods per a tour year assignment (i.e. 12-month tour - 1,250 lbs; 18-month tour - 1,875 lbs). Consumable goods must be packed, marked and weight separately.

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    Tare weight: 20 t: Maximum speed empty: 120 km/h: Maximum speed loaded: 100 km/h: Wagon base: 9 000 mm: Wagon length with buffers: 14 040 mm: Usable length: 12 710 mm: Usable width: 2 780 mm: Usable area: 36 m2: Usable volume: 72 m3

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    07/21/20 1 Admin HHG Weight Locations Administrative Household Goods (HHG) Weight Allowance Locations A. Authority. In accordance with the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), paragraph (par.) 051402, household goods (HHG) weight allowances can be administratively reduced at a permanent duty stationFile Size: 117KB

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    If approved, the weight limit is 500 pounds for your spouse’s belongings. Begin weighing your items to determine if the belongings you plan to move fall within the weight limit long before you are expected to move. Each room potentially has enough items to roughly equal 1,000 pounds. Pack conservatively.


    12,000. 2. Household goods weight allowances during permanentchange of station (PCS) moves are currently set as a grade-based benefit ratherthan reflecting the need to protect military families and to accommodate thenormal accumulation of goods during a career and as a family grows. 3.

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    If you are separating from your branch of Service and have less than 8 years of continuous active duty, you must schedule your move within 180 days of your active duty release date. Exceptions apply, so contact your local personal property office . If you are separating with severance pay, separation pay or readjustment pay due to being involuntarily released from active duty and you separate ...

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    Jan 27, 2020 · Thereof, what does soft EAOS mean in the Navy? A soft EAOS is the date your contract ends and when you also have an inoperative extension on file. For example, if you have an EAOS of March 1st, 2012 and you have a 12 month extension, then your hard EAOS is March 1st, 2012 and March 1st, 2013 is your soft EAOS.

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    Household Goods Shipment. When you are ordered on PCS you are also authorized to ship your household goods (HHG) at government expense. The government authorizes you a weight limit …

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