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16 inch barrel for close quarters home defense? : ar15

    If your room and hallway dimensions are under 15 yards then a handgun is fine. You can make a 16" work, though, especially if you collapse the stock or turn gun sideways and put stock over your shoulder on rounding a cramped corner. 16" is indeed a little more cumbersome than 14.5" but not a big deal in a house, more noticeable in a vehicle.

Why An AR-15 For Home Defense Is The Best Choice Gun Digest

    Jun 21, 2018 · Selecting An AR-15 For Home Defense. So, a relatively plain AR-15, of the type commonly referred to as an “M4gery,” can be just the ticket. With a 16-inch barrel, an adjustable stock, a red-dot sight and a light on it, the full-up, loaded weight is not going to be much, if any, past 8 pounds. Add a sling for extra versatility, and you’ve put on a few more ounces.

Pistol Caliber Carbines for Home Defense – Women & Guns

    Jan 08, 2019 · There are two classes of pistol caliber carbines. The first are converted submachineguns. There are SMGs fitted with a legal length 16-inch barrel and converted to semi-auto-only mode of fire. I find these the least useful for home defense. They are heavy, often inaccurate compared to more modern designs, (The HK is an exception) and expensive.

Home Defense Shotgun Ammo Test - AmmoMan School of Guns …

    The test rounds will first pass through two 16 inch by 16 inch sheets of ½ inch drywall that are separated by two sections of 2×4 lumber. We’ll place a 16 inch long section of clear ballistic gel one foot behind that wall, and there will be a larger, 4 food square section of wall that will be placed 12 feet away from the first wall, which is about the same size as a typical kid’s bedroom .

Does Barrel Length Matter for a Home-Defense Shotgun?

    For years, the 18.5-inch pump-action, home-defense shotgun was a go-to, and there were many options on the market from Mossberg, Winchester, Stoeger, Savage Arms and others.

Best barrel length for home defense carbine - AR15.COM

    Nov 10, 2011 · I personally would lean toward the 16". Keep in mind a comp in a house is going to be devastating to your hearing. Better than dead but still nasty. I think you said you had a couple thousand rounds of xm855 green tip. For shtf and close up I would consider the xm193 and something like Hornady tap. Handgun for inside home defense . Dont forget pics when you get it

What's the Best Shotgun Load for Home Defense?

    Feb 24, 2021 · Shotguns have been used for home defense for centuries in one form or another. But what's the best ammo? For a bad guy or thug, nothing can be more terrifying than the sight of a double-barreled shotgun leveled at him.. How about the sound of a pump-action shotgun racking a shell into the chamber for sound deterrent? Both will make even the most hardened criminals think twice.

Shooting Illustrated 5 Best Rimfire Loads for Self-Defense

    Muzzle velocities will exceed 1,000 fps from a 2-inch barrel, 1,200 fps from a 4-inch barrel, and nearly reach 1,600 fps from a 16-inch barreled carbine. It is also one of the few rimfire loads...

A Great Home Defender: The .38 Special - The K-Var Armory

    Aug 16, 2019 · As for the exact choice, I simply say get a good quality four-inch barrel double action revolver. Adjustable sights are not necessary for the ranges involved in home defense. Fixed sights are regulated well enough for close range work and do not lose the zero. Ruger, Taurus, and Smith and Wesson offer good choices.

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